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stavolta makes egypt's best gelato don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say...

Stavolta: Italian Gelato with an Egyptian Twist

Stavolta: A fresh new take on Cairo’s ice cream

Stavolta: Authentic, Homemade Ice Cream in Maadi


Gelato places keep popping around Cairo streets and we could be happier. But no one has been able to compete with Maadi’s all-time favorite Gelato place STAVOLTA. This place just keeps getting better and better each time we visit. They serve homemade Italian style Gelato from their kitchen made of glass so that everyone can witness the magic happening. They have all the traditional flavors along with some unique intriguing flavors as well as sugar free Vanilla & Chocolate flavors. Their flavors include hibiscus sorbet, Indian Kulfi (with Pistachios and Cardmom), Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Dark Chocolate with Peppermint, Green Tea, and Gooseberries (Harankash). They also make their own freshly baked waffle cones. You can also order one of their magnificent ice cream cakes. We have almost tried everything at Stavolta since we have to pass by it every time we’re in Maadi, our favorites there are: the pure Dark Chocolate, their unique Stavolta Flavor made of vanilla chocolate pieces and Caramel, the yummy Dates with roasted Almonds (those people are extremely generous with their almonds), the rich Coffee flavor, the Hazelnut which tastes like the fi the strawberry sorbet made purely of Fresh Strawberries, and last but not least our most favorite flavor has got to be the incredible CHOCOLATE PRALINE made of delicious hazelnut cream, chocolate and plentiful pieces of waffles. One of our guilty pleasures at Stavolta are their home made POPSICLES, they come in two sizes and two flavors; vanilla ice cream covered with milk chocolate and another one covered with Dark Chocolate. Let me just tell you that once you’ve tried their Dar Chocolate Popsicle you’ll be hooked on this indulgent heavenly creation of theirs. Once you’re there at any time of day you’ll find the place packed with locals, foreigners and tourists simply because Stavolta is ranked #15 on Trip Advisor’s list of best restaurants in Cairo and as the NUMBER ONE Gelato Place in Cairo. If you’re not a Maadi Resident, trust us when we say Stavolta is surely worth your trip. #maadi #icecream #gelato #foodporn #foodgasm #desserts #chocolate #praline #mascarpone #yummy #coffee #foodpics #foodie #blogger

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